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What if you could reduce paperwork and administration and focus on delivering better service to owners and tenants?

Self service portals for online payments and automated maintenance request management are just some of the capabilities you can take advantage of with Property Management for Microsoft Dynamics. Its easy to get started and to start reducing repetition and administration. Get more done faster.


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Property Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP

With the Property Management for Microsoft Dynamics, you can manage your entire property portfolio on software from Microsoft. Streamline operations you can focus on what matters most to you – securing leases and servicing tenants  You will have detailed lease and accounting functionality to effectively manage billing and escalations, track overages and common area maintenance (CAM) reconciliations. Regular processes such as meter consumption and billing can be automated and delivered directly to tenants.

Additional functionality includes:

  • Multi-entity Management
  • Complex Lease Billing
  • Escalations
  • Meter Consumption
  • Retail Tenant Sales
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Electronic Banking Suite

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