Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integrated

CRM-Project is fully integrated in Microsoft CRM. It is multilingual and is available for offline use.

All existing information from the Microsoft CRM contact management as well as the sales, marketing and service modules (sales opportunities, orders, campaigns, tickets etc.) can be used in or linked to CRM-Project. Cross-departmental work is available ‘out of the box’.


xRM1 - CRM Project Planning

xRM1 – CRM Project Planning

Dashboards for Project Managers

Dashboards for Project Managers

5 Time Tracking Alternatives

5 Time Tracking Alternatives

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The 4th Module in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

CRM-Project is the 4th Module for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The solution covers all functions for professional Project Management from Project Planning with Gantt, Time and Work Entry and Resource Management to Project Billing by time sheets up to mobile apps. The following functions are covered in the 4th Module:

  • Project Planning with Gantt

    Create projects directly in CRM, generate them from templates or import them from Microsoft Project; organize phases, sub-projects, milestones and work packages in the Work Breakdown Structure and in Gantt.

  • Resource management

    Manage internal and external staff, equipment, vehicles, and rooms (etc.). Employee availability and workloads are always up-to-date and transparent.

  • Project management and control

    You’re always able to target deviations in project processes. You can directly re-organize resources losses or appointment delays, as well as process project related costs (such as personal, budget, material or travel costs). You can compare planned and actual values, on all levels. Project management is being able to proactively detect deviations in information.

  • Multi-project and program management

    Global resource availability; organization-wide Gantt chart, cross-project dependencies as well as forecasts of resource use.

  • Time and work entry

    Time entry for employees, work entry of external service providers, and managing material costs such as booking rooms and equipment.

  • Document management

    Documents are available on all project levels; check-in and check-out, versioning and subscriptions, and management of any file format (including e-documents).

  • Travel management

    Plan, organize and bill travel in Microsoft CRM; travel times and costs as well as receipt management and accessible expense calculator.

  • Dashboards and reports

    An extensive report library for planning, controlling and analyzing; a dashboard with various micro reports. All reports can be customized and extended.

  • Billing and invoicing

    Services in regard to billing customers, employees and external service providers; deposit, payment installments, at cost (time and material), timesheet, invoice printing or transfer to the financial accounting system.

  • Mobile apps

    Project management functionality ‘on the go’ for your mobile; available for smartphones, tablets or Ultrabooks. An app for Windows Mobile, Android, Blackberry, and for iOS iPhone. Campaign management for on the go, information available for offline use.

  • Office integration

    Import and export project plans from Microsoft Project; export project information to Excel, as PDF, Dynamic Excel Cubes and OLAP Cube (Online Analytical Process Cube). Also compatible for Microsoft Word integration.

  • ERP integration

    Exchange information with ERP systems; standard adapter for Navision, AX, GP, SAP, Quickbooks, and Datev, out of the box. Generic Adapter Scribe, BizTalk, Microsoft .NET, and CRM services are also compatible.

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