Elevator management for building owners

With Elevator 365 you can monitor and track the elevator maintenance performed in your buildings from any device. Gain control of your expensive equipment and deliver a reliable vertical transportation experience for your tenants and guests.  


The Problem with Elevators

Elevators are one of the most important assets of any building owner or property manager. They make buildings safe and accessible for tenants, guests, or other users. And yet, most building owners have no idea what is going on with their elevators. They rely completely on service contractors to fulfill contractual and manufacturer service requirements. They have no efficient way of checking on this service. Every year, this costs property managers millions of dollars. 


Introducing Elevator 365’s Elevator Management for Building Owners

Elevator 365 was developed by industry experts who have “seen it all” through decades of experience in the New York City elevator market. It’s a complete elevator management software solution that solves the problem with elevators by connecting building owners to their service contractors. You already have too many things to keep track of with your business, so let us help take elevators off that list.

Elevator 365 works on any device. Androids, iPhones, tablets- they all show our visually appealing interface, configurable dashboards, and 360° record views so you can stay connected from anywhere.

Our Microsoft Platform Advantage

The software is an extension of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Office 365. This makes it familiar, accessible and intuitive for your staff and contractors. The Microsoft software reduces implementation time and cost, allowing us to help you faster.

The system runs in the Microsoft Cloud so your organization can access it from a variety of devices. This also reduces uptime, security, and IT costs. We have been implementing Microsoft software since 1989 and will work with you to find a solution for your business needs.

Elevator 365 Helps Your Business Grow Sustainably

Elevator 365 reduces all kinds of costs and risks. Elevators have a longer lifetime, deferring modernization costs. The software also reduces the need for inspections, maintenance, and elevator consulting. No need to worry about fines, downtime, and violations, because Elevator 365 ensures your elevators are in peak condition and notifies you about any issues before they get worse. You can focus on other aspects of your growing business without worrying about your elevators.

Not Just the Money

Elevators are one of the main complaints of building users. Problems with elevators are not only frustrating, they can be unsafe and unfair to those with physical difficulties. Your customers will thank you for functional elevators, whether they are tenants, hotel guests, or just people wanting to do their jobs. Protect your property and your reputation with Elevator 365.

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