Control The Field

FIELDBOSS has industry-specific functionality and is flexible to adapt to ever-changing marketplace requirements. With FIELDBOSS® you will always be able to quickly adapt your solution in any way you need, enabling your staff to service your customers properly.

Delivering high-quality service matters

But just like any other business, customer relationships matter. And keeping records accurate and up to date, and timely invoicing are critical to managing jobs and getting paid. Yet too many contractors rely on multiple separate systems and spreadsheets to keep the business operating. This leads to stress, errors, and inefficiency. It also makes it harder to maintain the level of service that customers demand.

HVAC and Elevator Contractor Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Just like any other industry, contractors have a very specific set of business processes, many of which are common to most in the industry, and many of which are unique to each specific business. A whole lot of a contractor’s business is conducted on the road, with minimal office space or staff.

Built in Microsoft Dynamics 365

FIELDBOSS® is an end-to-end field service software solution built within Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365.

FIELDBOSS® streamlines complex operations and is the easiest way to connect field service contractors to their customers and equipment. FIELDBOSS® empowers companies to deliver exceptional customer experiences in the field while providing real-time profitability information to management.

Leverage the Microsoft application and services platform

Like everything we do at Rimrock, FIELDBOSS® leverages everything that Microsoft has to offer, including full mobility and integration with the rest of the Microsoft application and services platform like Outlook and Office.

It’s field service management in a box, field-tested, and field proven.

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