The best and most accurate way of knowing how much Microsoft Dynamics GP will cost your company is if we access your company size and user requirements.

Maintenance Plan Fees

Another factor to consider when determining the cost of Microsoft Dynamics GP is Microsoft’s annual maintenance plan which is calculated based on the GP solution’s total list price. Because the first year can make or break an ERP implementations success, Microsoft requires customers to purchase the Business Ready Advantage plan for the first year.

The cost of this mandatory program is 18% of the Dynamics GP software list price and should be factored into your total ERP software project budget.

With this plan, companies receive automatic access to product updates and the CustomerSource portal along with six technical support incidents and unlimited online training services.

After the first year, customers are eligible to choose any one of the three plans offered:

  • Business Ready Enhancement Plan- 16% of the total system price
  • Business Ready Advantage Plan- 18% of the total system price (Required for the first year)
  • Business Ready Advantage Plus Plan- 25% of the total system price

Learn about the other price factors to consider when looking at the cost of Microsoft Dynamics GP here.

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