Dynamics GP Implementation Fee

The cost of a Dynamics GP implementation is influenced by multiple factors such as the number of modules required, the complexity of your business model, the need for customization, the scope of integration with other platforms and the availability of your employees to participate in the implementation process, and many more.

For example, a major elevator contractor operating in a highly regulated industry with rigid requirements for documentation, traceability, and reporting will typically need more consulting service than, say a small service company running core financials.

At Rimrock, we bill for ERP implementations based on time and material instead of a fixed cost. This way you to have more control over implementation costs and allows you to monitor and manage the project in detail. We only bill for actual time incurred, so you will never pay more than what you need to for your ERP implementation.

The only real way for Rimrock to give you a complete and accurate quote for implementation services is to review your requirements in detail, starting with a Dynamics GP exploration phone call. 

Other Cost Factors

Learn about the other price factors to consider when looking at the cost of Microsoft Dynamics GP here.

The best and most accurate way of knowing how much Microsoft Dynamics GP will cost your company is if we access your company size and user requirements. If you would like us to contact you to give you a more accurate estimate, please fill out the form below: