Home Page

  1. Power BI reports can be added to home pages
  2. Microsoft Intelligent edge insights on home page   


  1. System manager password remembered when making security changes
  2. Maximum password length extended
  3. Password expiration notification
  4. Unique passwords for individual smart list favorites
  5. Improved sorting options on
    Inquiry windows in Purchasing and Sales


  1. Smartlist favourites password protect
  2. Smart list designer favorites now display in navigation list
  3. SmartList Designer export and import functionality of favourites
  4. Smartlist Designer set columns


  1. Updates to Sales, Payables, and Purchasing workflows
  2. Email notifications and requests for batch and new record
    approvals available now for General Ledger accounts and Journal Entries
  3. All purchasing transactions and new vendors, sales and receivables
  4. New reminder emails
  5. Copy workflow steps
  6. Workflow history reporting
  7. Additional fields to build workflows on
  8. Edit lists included with Workflow approval emails
  9. Reassignments available
  10. Sales
    transaction approvals

Document Attach

  1. Document attach on master records and transactions
  2. Ability to scan multiple pages and attach


  1. Recurring monthly batches for payables, receivables and inventory
  2. Exclude items with zero quantity or value on the historical
    inventory Trial Balance
  3. Transaction level posting on the General Ledger
  4. Option to prevent or enable use of duplicate check numbers other
    than payable checks
  5. Suppress the display of inactive check books
  6. Bulk update master records as inactive from navigation lists
  7. Print statements for a single customer from customer maintenance
  8. Option for one payment per invoice or one payment per vendor
  9. Save select payment settings
  10. Copy
    user access across dimensions in analytical accounting
  11. All-in-One-View
    for Payables, Sales and Inventory – allows user to isolate one transaction and
    see all related transactions
  12. Distribution
    line display opens expanded in inquiry windows and transaction entry
  13. Enhancements
    to SafePay file
  14. Scotiabank
    EFT file format added


  1. Retain ship to address name with customer modifier
  2. New smart list for deposits associated with unposted sales
  3. Additional sort options in Sales Order Processing item inquiry
  4. Email customer statements
  5. Deposit cash receipts
  6. Credit limit warning for unposted Credit documents


  1. Rename payables check (cheque) windows to “Payment”
  2. Set payment for vendor total or by invoice
  3. Default payment settings when paying Vendors
  4. Purchase Order to Fixed Asset includes taxes
  5. Link credit card vendor information to transactions
  6. Payables batch credit card option
  7. Allow pre-payments on a purchase order


  1. Allow partial purchase on purchase requisitions from a Purchase
  2. Add vendor document number on purchasing order input all in one
  3. Send Purchase Order using another template
  4. Vendor hold warning