Rimrock Corporation Delivers


  • Compressed implementation timeframe
  • Seamless integration of web-based custom operations system and Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Scalable and automated billing management
  • Comprehensive operational and management reporting
  • Rapid user adoption due to familiarity with other Microsoft software products
  • One year payback that continues to deliver return on investment

Microsoft Dynamics ERP gives scale, efficiency and analytics

CarProof is a London, Ontario company that offers web-based vehicle history reporting services that provide detailed real-time data on used vehicles from Canada and the U.S. The company has been operating since 2000. CarProof reports are used by thousands of dealers, all of the major automotive manufacturers for their off-lease and/or certified pre-owned programs, government institutions, auctions, lenders, insurance companies, law enforcement and consumers across Canada.

CarProof had been using Sage Accpac as its financial accounting system, which was a good option in the company’s early days when manual processing could keep up with transaction volumes and customer expectations that had yet to evolve. But with a compelling product and business model, CarProof began to experience rapid and dramatic growth. It was ranked number 4 in the Deloitte Fast 50 in 2009, and has appeared on that list for the last three years. CarProof had quickly outgrown its accounting system.

Transactions Scale Past System Capacity
Transaction volumes had grown from several hundred per day to several thousand. Without integration between the proprietary web-based application and the accounting systems, billing processes remained manual. What had initially taken little effort for one person each month had become an all-hands process that took four to five days to complete. Volumes continued to grow.

Concurrently, postage and paper costs were mounting as invoices were distributed through traditional mail. Given the choice the majority of customers still wished to receive emailed invoices.

As a result, integration between the core online application and the company’s accounting system had become critical. A systems analysis indicated that integration of Accpac would be costly and functionally restrictive. At the same time higher transaction volumes, and more accounting users were stretching the performance capabilities of the Accpac database. And the demand for increasingly complex operational and management reporting was becoming increasingly difficult to meet.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP – the Favored Choice
The search for a replacement financial accounting system for this growing Canadian business began and ended with options from Microsoft Dynamics GP. Carproof was already using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to support its sales and marketing efforts, and senior management and accounting staff had previous experience and success with Microsoft Dynamics GP. They required a system that would integrate seamlessly with the online business system, provide robust and flexible reporting, automated billing, and that would work well with the rest of their Microsoft environment. Of course the integration and implementation would have to be cost effective for Carproof, and it would have to deliver significant efficiency improvements and cost savings compared to their current trajectory and alternative options.

Experience and Proven Ability to Deliver Critical in Selecting Implementation Partner
CarProof did their homework before starting to look for an implementation provider for this project. They required a provider that could confidently validate that CarProof’s understanding of the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics GP were correct. The company considered three highly experienced Microsoft Dynamics implementation providers for this project. Operational issues necessitated a compressed implementation time, and CarProof wanted to know ahead of time that the team working on the project would have the knowledge and experience to manage, design and implement a solution with minimal risk to their ongoing and now high transaction operation. So with no room for error, CarProof selected Rimrock Corporation, of Toronto, Ontario.

Rimrock Corporation is a Microsoft Dynamics ERP Gold Partner with over 18 years of experience implementing ERP and accounting systems in some of Canada’s best-known businesses. Senior management, including the company’s president, took an interest in working with CarProof to analyze and design a solution. Rimrock showed CarProof that it had a strong understanding of, and comfort level with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Rimrock offered a comprehensive and realistic plan with committed consulting and implementation resources to give CarProof comfort it could work within the company’s aggressive timelines.

Implementation Success with Rimrock and Microsoft Dynamics ERP
So how did Rimrock deliver on its promise? As Drew Forret, CFO of CarProof says, “It went really well. The heart of the implementation was from mid-August to mid-September, and despite holiday schedules it was well planned and well executed.” This project was professionally managed and delivered on time with everything tested and in production. And the “transition for staff was totally normal” particularly as the user interface is intuitive and consistent with the other Microsoft software they regularly use.

CarProof got what they were looking for out of their implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP. The software fits right in in the company’s Microsoft systems environment. Rimrock integrated the CarProof online application so clients and transactions are managed within the accounting system.

“We are delighted now,” says Forret. “We are automated. We are back to processing in less than one day rather than four to five days as we were before the implementation. We have more reporting metrics on billing giving us lots of analytics on exceptions and potential errors. Things are way more efficient and scalable.” Despite continued growth in transaction volumes efficiencies with the integration of Microsoft Dynamics GP means that there is no longer a need to add additional accounting staff to scale the business.

Invoices are delivered instantly to clients who prefer to save paper with email, saving the company tens of thousands of dollars a year. In fact Forret says that the postage savings alone paid for the Microsoft Dynamics GP software within the first year after implementation.

Bottom Line
Rimrock understood CarProof’s needs and was able to work with the company to quickly improve their processes. According to Forret. “We are really happy with the team and the end results.” Rimrock recently began integrating CarProof’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM and GP systems so that inside sales discounting and promotions directly modify invoices. “Integration with Microsoft Dynamics is great for us,” says Forret. “We were in a tough spot. We had a finance system that did not scale with our business. Microsoft Dynamics GP and Rimrock helped us rectify that.”

The new software continues to support CarProof’s success. Deloitte and CIBC recently named CarProof one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies for 2011.

About CarProof

CarProof, a London, Ontario-based company founded in 2000, is the leading provider of the most comprehensive used vehicle history report available in Canada. CarProof’s fully bilingual vehicle history reports rely on accurate and live real-time data to provide consumers with a complete history of their vehicle including accident information, cross-Canada lien search information and full U.S. history. In addition to being named one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies, CarProof was recently honoured with Deloitte’s 2011 Technology Fast 500™and Fast 50™ Awards.For more information about CarProof, visit www.carproof.com.