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Microsoft Dynamics Solution Experts

Rimrock Corporation is a boutique consulting firm specializing in Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics 365 software solutions.

Our mission is to help our clients connect with their employees, customers, suppliers, and stakeholders.

We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario with an additional office in New York City.

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Why Choose Rimrock Corporation?

Our experienced team has a deep understanding of the worlds in which you operate, and we deliver ERP software solutions that best meet your needs, on your timetable, and at your budget level. We are a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified ERP Partner specializing in integrated software solutions.

Our services consistently rank highest for customer satisfaction, as measured by Microsoft.

Real Enterprise Resource Management and Customer Relationship Management Solutions

All of our clients face real challenges with their business. Which of these sound familiar to you?

  • We use spreadsheets so much that our productivity is not what it should be.
  • So many errors go undetected, I’m afraid that I might find a nasty surprise one day.
  • It takes so long for us to get the information we need to do our jobs.
  • The information we get is either outdated or inaccurate.
  • We can’t keep up with the volume.
  • We are at risk because if he/she leaves, no one will know what is going on.

Specialty Software Perfect for Your Business

We offer more than just accounting software. Over the years, we have configured Dynamics for specific industries and successfully implemented tailored software for underserved sectors. Our industry experts provide consulting services, drawing upon decades of relevant industry experience. Our industry-specific products include:

  • FIELDBOSS Lift for elevator contractors
  • FIELDBOSS for other service contractors, including HVAC, low voltage, and generator
  • Elevator 365 for building owners and property managers

Count on More than 20 Years of Experience at Rimrock Corporation, the Microsoft Dynamics Experts

With over 20 years of software experience and working with clients just like you, we know how to quickly resolve the business management issues you are facing.

We begin with a diagnostic engagement that identifies your business issues and software solution requirements to:

  • Reduce your risk and cost
  • Establish the scope of the engagement
  • Determine which additional services will be delivered, including integrations to other systems, custom development, upgrades, training, and support

Get the Most out of Your Microsoft Dynamics Investment with Rimrock Corporation

We will work with your organization, big or small, and deliver a solution that will maximize your return on investment.  We will help you measure the project’s ROI by looking at productivity improvements, elimination of manual workflows, and time saved with better reporting and business intelligence. We will provide you with customized training and support to ensure that you and your staff will always get the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics investment.

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