Data entry errors can be very time consuming to find and correct, and therefore, costly. To combat this problem, there are two easily-configurable functions in GP to help maintain control and keep data entry error-free. These simple controls come with the application and can save you time in correcting mistakes, while reconciling your subledgers.

  1. Eliminate Wrong Account Selection

a. Allow Account Entry

Using this check box can help keep your control accounts in balance with the general ledger. In the chart of account, you can uncheck ‘Allow Account Entry’ for all your control accounts such as your Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, bank accounts or any account that should be only used in a subledger.  Unchecking the box will prevent users from selecting that account in the transaction distribution or using it in a General Journal Entry. The system will default where appropriate based on the Posting Account setup, or Vendor, Customer, Chequebook or Item setup.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Once the check box is cleared, any attempt to use a GL account that is linked to a bank in an invoice entry the user will get a warning dialog (as displayed below) and the entry will not be allowed. This eliminates the time wasted trying to reconcile the chequebook with the Bank GL account.

Dynamics GP General Ledger

b. Include in Lookup

On the same account screen, you will find the ‘Include in Lookup’ option. This limits the accounts that the users see in each module. For example, all expense accounts can be limited to only be displayed in the payables screens, and all revenue accounts will only show up in the receivables screens.

Include In Lookup GP

If ‘Include in Lookup’ is not set up, the user will see a list of all accounts (see example below), which increases the risk of selecting the wrong account. (See example below when ‘Include in Lookup’ is set up vs not set up) The screen to the right is what the user sees when trying to select an account in a sales transaction.

2. Account Security

This is a step you can take not only to prevent users from using the wrong account, but also to limit which accounts are visible to each user, including the reports and inquiry screen. In order to activate account level security, go to:

Microsoft Dynamics GP >>Tools >>Setup >>Company: Account Security

Dynamics GP Account Security

Go to Tools>>Setup>>System>>Organizational Structure and define the groups as needed:

Microsoft Dynamics GP Organizational Structure Setup

Go to Cards>>System>>Organizational Assignments and select the department to assign accounts to:

  • Select the department that you want to link the accounts to
  • Select the accounts range
  • Click ‘Details’ if you want to exclude accounts from the range you added
  • Click Process
Microsoft Dynamics GP Organizational Assignments

Then assign each user to the respective department.

Dynamics GP Organizational Structure Assignment

Now, each user will only see the accounts assigned to them, not only in the transaction screens, but also in inquiry and reports:

GP Assigned Accounts

Even when printing the trial balance for all the accounts, the user will only see the balances for the accounts assigned:

Microsoft Dynamics GP Assigned Accounts

If you would like to learn more about Dynamics GP functions and features, please contact us. Our experienced consultants are always available to help you streamline your business processes.

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