The most successful not for profit, charity and membership organizations are powered by passionate individuals who are fully empowered to make a difference. When given the right tools, these people can realize their full potential, make the organizations leaner and more responsive, and ensure the outcomes that directors, managers and stakeholders demand.

Not-for-profit and other charitable organizations face unique challenges and requirements to ensure accountability and compliance to various policies, standards, laws, and procedures. The non-profit package is developed specifically to cater to those organizations’ need of powerful accounting and reporting solution, attractively bundled with an affordable price tag. Engage your donor or membership base and fulfill your mission.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP – Not For Profit Brochure

Grant Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Not for Profit, Charities & Membership Organizations

Rimrock Corporation has a fully integrated solution that will help you better manage critical elements for Non-for-profit, charity & membership agencies:

Membership Management

  • Manage membership type, reports, source, donations and many more.
  • Membership renewal alerts and email automation.
  • Track all transactions against membership.

Donation Management and Moves Management

  • Track all donations against members, contacts, volunteers and businesses.
  • Set up annual, monthly, weekly or one-time donations.
  • Perform queries based on membership, programs & transactions.
  • Track the entire sales process all inside of CRM starting from cultivation & analysis to uploading a signed contract.
  • Assign quotas to sales staff and track their activities for improved sales effectiveness. Learn where your company’s leads are generated, your most profitable sales staff and your lead to conversion rate.

Education, Camp & Event Management

  • Track all event information & details. (Dates, location, ticket sales, volunteers, staff, services, sponsorships…etc.)
  • Event calendar to book resources that will automatically notify you of conflicts with staff, dates & locations.
  • Consolidate all transactions coming through CRM.

With this solution, you can easily access and cross-reference data, automate tedious operations and administrative processes, and provide timely reports to run your organization more effectively.

Financial Management

  • Improve productivity.
  • Analyze expenditures against budgets.
  • Assign users, projects, and general ledger accounts.

Grant Management

  • Use actual-versus-budget comparisons.
  • Prevent overspending with automated warnings.


  • Automatically summarize your organization’s important data.
  • Streamline ongoing expense reporting.
  • Reduce errors.

Encumbrance Management

  • Track encumbrances to ensure that total actual expenditures do not exceed the appropriations.

Commitments Management

  • Reduce budget surprises.
  • Strengthen financial integrity.
  • Add committed purchases to financial reports.

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