Artists and Designers we like

Check out the work of some of the artists and designers who have contributed to making our working environment great…

We love good design

Everyone knows that Rimrock Corporation is a Microsoft Gold Partner, and leader in Microsoft Dynamics Solutions.

What most people don’t know is that as the staff of Rimrock is busy creating custom Microsoft Dynamics Solutions and performing robust Microsoft Dynamics integrations – they enjoy our artistically inspired office environment.

The Rimrock Building Design

Our work spaces were designed by the firm of Levitt Goodman Architects, who are known for projects that are part of a bigger picture – socially, environmentally, and culturally. They used energy and cost-efficient materials in inventive ways for results that are both design oriented and sustainable. Our renovation project came in on budget and on time, just the way we like it.

Our Office Millwork and Cabinetry

Office millwork was all built in a small garage on block north of Queen street by David OSullivan and his merry band of artisanal cabinet makers. The firm has no web site, accounting system, or CRM system but they play cool music as they laminate and glue their way into greatness. Their work can be found all over Toronto’s more interesting homes, restaurants, and public spaces.

The Rimrock Consulting Room Photography

We have two photography collections by V. Tony Hauser. One is a series of 15 portraits of indigenous people of Ecuador who can be seen to be living fulfilling lives without the use of technology or the trappings of conventional North American life. The other is a series is of 5 rusted out North American cars in the junk yard, meant to remind us that we are happier to be working in our serene office environment instead of wasting away in the traffic outside our office each morning and afternoon rush hour.

Our Training Room Art

The art in our training room is a series of 9 serigraphs by a Canadian artist named York Wilson.

York Wilson’s work can be found in many Toronto landmark buildings, the most recognizable being the large mural in the foyer at the Sony Center for the Performing Arts. The series in the training room was painted in the 60’s and is of 9 cities of the world, represented as abstract shapes. The cites are Marrakesh, Kuala Lumpur, Cairo, Isfahan (a city in Iran), Kuching (a city inMalaysia), Srinigar, Jaipur (cities in India), Paris, and New York and the images are meant to evoke the feeling each are known for.

Rimrock’s Branding and Collateral

Our corporate presence is the product of Q30 Design Inc., a boutique design consultancy much like ourselves. They have won many noteworthy awards; even our business cards managed to show up in The Best of Business Card Design, volume five. The person whose card they used in the book is no longer a staff member, but the cards still have the desired effect to this day.

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